Are you ready to have the podcast you've always dreamed about?


How I can help you

Podcast Management & Launching

Podcast Launch

Are you ready to create your dream podcast but feeling overwhelmed with all the processes? Don’t worry!

I create a launch strategy for you and help you set up your podcasting systems, workflows, and schedule.


Podcast Strategy

Fall in love with podcasting and feel content and satisfied with your results!

I create a step-by-step guide for you, help you with your strategy and provide feedback and best practices for your growth.


Audio Editing

Do you want to have the best-sounding show without spending long hours editing your episodes? I’m here to help!

I edit your audio by removing all background noise possible, errors, filler words (umm, etc.), distracting sounds (coughing, mouth noises, etc). I add your intro-outro and ads, and master the audio.


Show Notes

Have even better visibility faster and higher engagement on your podcast with the help of show notes!

I create show notes for your episode, optimized with keywords and compelling Call to Actions.


Social Media Management

Reach more listeners and have better engagement, so you can connect with your dream clients easier!

I create compelling social media images and audiograms for your show and schedule them on your profiles.

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