Why Podcasting is Great for Real Estate Professionals?

Build long-lasting connection with your ideal client

One organization did a “Did you buy?“ survey asking people if they bought the product they originally inquired about. Based on this study, only 15% of the people who buy within 18 months will do so in the first 90 days. This means that 85% of qualified leads are between 90 days to 18 months away.

Many businesses focus on the 15% who are ready to buy but miss out on the 85% who needs more time

Building connections with potential clients through a podcast helps to build trust, establish your expertise, and reinforce the product over time. So when they’re ready to solve the problem they have and buy, they most likely will buy from you.

Why Should You Start Podcasting Today?

The 4 biggest benefits of podcasting for coaches

Podcasting is one of the best ways to get your message out, build a community, establish your expertise in your industry and make a lasting impact.

It provides a systematic platform to create a valuable resource once, and connect with hundreds and thousands of people over time.

Podcasting also allows you to scale up because your message really has no limit. People can access your podcast from anywhere and anytime they want.

Starting a podcast is great when you already have an audience, who you can right away connect to, and grow your tribe over time.

Are you ready to take your podcast to the next level?

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