Packages & Pricing

Standard and customized packages are available.
Contact me and let’s discuss your needs!

Podcast Management

You have an existing show, but the podcasting process is overwhelming and time-consuming?
Get back your precious time and let me manage your show.

Podcast Consulting

You want to do your launch your show on your own, but not sure where to start?
With this affordable package, you’ll get all the necessary guides to create an awesome podcast by yourself from scratch.

Podcast Launch

You want to launch your podcast, and you’d rather leave it to a professional?
I got you! I create a strategy, timelines, workflows, and keep you accountable, so your audience will get the best show from the start!
Starting at $600/month
  • Editing 4-5 episodes/month
  • Uploading to hosting platform
  • Editing audio
    (removal of all background noise possible, filler words , and distracting sounds + volume leveling)
  • Adding your intro, outro, and ad
  • Mixing the elements into a complete MP3 file
  • ID3 metadata tagging the MP3 file
  • Uploading the MP3 file to your hosting service
  • Writing and publishing the show notes on your website
  • Creating audiograms for the episode
  • Creating social media images for the episode
  • Monthly strategy call to review your show’s performance
Starting at $200
  • 30-min onboarding call
  • 60-min call before your launch to keep you accountable 
  • Chat support on your launch week
  • 30-min strategy call after the launch
  • Launching and managing Trello board template
  • Guest management templates
  • Recording checklists
  • Podcast platform and podcast directories set up guide
  • Show notes template
  • Graphics template
  • Podcasting best practices
  • Content Calendar template
Starting at $1100
  • 60-minute strategy and onboarding call
    (I help you with the show format, content planning, intro-outro, music sourcing, podcast description or guest booking)
  • Supporting you for 4 weeks before launch
  • Creating a complete to-do list for you for a successful launch with due dates
  • Setting up your hosting platform (Libsyn)
  • Submitting your show to all major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher)
  • Setting up a Trello board for launching and managing workflow
  • Creating show notes template
  • Creating 2 social media graphic templates
  • Fully editing your first 2 episodes
    (I edit the audio, write show notes, schedule it on your hosting platform, and create 1 social media post and 1 audiogram per episode) 
  • 1-month email support after the launch
    (You can reach out to me with any questions, and I’ll answer you within 24 hours)
  • $100 discount from your first month of podcast management
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